Answers to the Jackson County Fair Questions

Thank you all for visiting our booth at the Jackson County Fair! 

We held two contests. One of them involved guessing the number of soybeans in a container.

The answer is: 7,514.

The winners of $25 each with the two closest guesses are:

* Robert Schaefer Jr. - guessed 7500 *
* David Gossman  - guessed 8003 *

Our second contest included the following questions:

1.  Jackson County, IA was founded in which year?  1837

2. Which famous person is Jackson County named after?   President Andrew Jackson

3. What is Iowa’s state soil?  Tama

4. What is Iowa’s oldest city?  Dubuque

5. What is one major advantage of choosing a real estate agent to represent you when you are buying or selling property (vs. doing it yourself)?  Real Estate Agents and Brokers have the knowledge, expertise, licensure and financial capabilities to help you market your property, find the property that best fits your needs, narrow down legitimate offers, and close the best deal for you while lessening your risk. Real estate agents provide the legal documents for the transaction that ensure your protection.

6.  What is Iowa’s state bird?  Eastern Goldfinch

7.  What is Iowa’s state tree?  Oak

8.  What are the names of the two major country musical groups playing at the Jackson County, IA fair this year? Parmalee and Frankie Ballard

9.  What is the land area of Jackson County (square miles)?  636 square miles

10. What is the name of the library that the East Iowa Realty office is located across from? Maquoketa Public Library

Our winner of the $50 prize for the quiz contest is:

* Pat Schnoor *

Thank you to all who stopped by to visit and submitted answers!